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Midnight’s Children (2012) – Drama

I was totally surprised to see that the movie released and got off the theaters in a blink – before even I could decide whether to see it or not. Now after watching it last night – I realized why that happened and shockingly none of my friends or known people ever saw it, the only friend who did wasn’t too excited about it either. I had no idea what it was based on – other than that it revolves around India’s independence and a couple of decades there after. It’s a damn good story but told in the most boring and over stretched way so much so that you lose track of things half the way and yawn your way to most uninspiring ending. It’s a story based on two kids born on the night of India’s independence – one in a rich family and another in tatters but as fate would have it – they were deliberately exchanged by a nurse, what happens next is the story and before I forget – here comes the disaster part – all the kids born on that fateful night were born with some kind of special powers – I guess India’s reply to “X men” of west, unfortunately never explored fully in the movie, dunno about the book as never read it. It’s an ultimate drama which confuses you after the first hour as it makes you think – why the heck they gave such a big introduction when it was all about kids and their powers and then that too isn’t told in details? Anyways! If you go by casting – it shouldn’t be any less than a super classic but no ways. As nobody had any scope in the haphazard story and lousy script, I was actually wondering what was Deepa Mehta smoking before hiring such talents and under utilizing them all? If you haven’t seen it – give it a miss – I would rather say – go ahead get the book and I am sure it must be way too good than the movie. My ratings a good 2/5.
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  1. deepa mehta is holding chutney classesin US to promote this crap!

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