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The Conjuring (2013) – Horror

I am one of those guys who get scared even while watching a thriller so usually horror movies are something that I hardly ever take a chance with on big screen and my circle is such that it’s tough to find a partner either for the same. Hence I took it as a challenge this time to watch this one alone that too in the dead of the night (Friday). The movie is already getting good reviews from people and I was almost ready to get frightened big time. It turns out to be a fantastic thriller and partly works as a horror too but trust me it isn’t half as scary as “The Exorcist” or “The Omen” (Old Series) was, it has its own highs and lows, twice I got solid Goosebumps – no doubt on that but it never scared me that much that I will turn it off and walk away – all this when I started the movie right after my shift at 3 AM. You see – I am becoming brave by the day. Confession: As the movie ended, I just couldn’t turn the lights off behind my back and straight walked in the bedroom with living room lights on, later while trying to sleep realized that I forgot to turn off the TV too and wifey laughed out loud this morning realizing my dilemma. The movie is simple as all horror movies usually are, a family with five daughters moves in to a haunted house, they start getting all the wrong signals but by the time they realize it’s too late to move out, beautiful Vera Farmiga and her husband who are demonologists come to their rescue and everyone knows what happens next in that kindda situation. It has all the contents of a perfect horror movie but not utilized fully like pet dying, creaking floor and walls, noisy doors, shouting spirits, a scary basement, and children playing hide and seek. The neighborhood had a scary past as expected and everything had to be put in a proper order. But I must say – it does makes up for a superb thriller cum horror to say the least, it indeed scared me quite a few times and never fails on entertainment quotient. If you do not compare it with its counterparts – chances are that you are going to like it and recommend it too. I will give it a good 3.5/5 with two thumbs up. Do not miss it – if horror / thriller is your idea of a perfect weekend – go give it a try and check your guts too but in a theater and not like me in a closed room alone.

PS: Just two days back out of sheer co-incidence I was telling my daughter and her friends – as they played hide in seek at home, to not to call out each other if they have hidden rather clap to give a hint to others, guess I am going to change that now, if you have seen the movie you will smile if you haven’t – go take a look.
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