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All is lost (2013) – Survival Film

Robert Redford is back with a bang – haven’t seen him in many movies in last decade or so but this one turns out to be surprisingly good movie. If only we all hadn’t seen “Life of Pi” last year – this one would’ve got its due for sure. But now comparisons will definitely take place and this one stands no chance in that case otherwise it works like a damn good thriller for me at least. Although the movie leaves too many questions unanswered like who the guy was, why was he at sea by himself that too in a luxury yacht 1700 nautical miles off the nearest shore as he states in a letter right before he presumes he is going to die that “All is lost”. It’s a fantastic tale of survival and hope – the one with no dialogues and that was the amazing part with no other soul in picture anywhere, no one to talk to – he is all by himself. How his yacht crashes with a floating container, even after temporary repairs by him (a commendable job) it finally crashes in a storm and he is left to survive in a life boat – how long before he gives up any hope of surviving – it was way too good than what I expected and the best part is to see a guy his age (Late 70s) do all that its simply superb. All he could do was with his facial expressions and body language and he succeeds damn well in that department. I will recommend it to those who like thrillers especially the survivor movies with two thumbs up and a 3/5 rating. Watch it for Robert Redford one of the best performances.

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