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Jai Ho (2014) – Action / Drama

Jai Ho will be one of those rare movie of Salman Khan for me which I am never going to watch again as it doesn’t have no repeat value at all. I wonder what was A R Murugadoss (Writer) thinking while writing the character of Jai which seems like a cross of Hulk and John Rambo – the only difference being he won’t increase in size while roaring like a lion. It is indeed hilarious to see Salman doing all that – he almost roars a dozen times during the course of the movie and a dozen of villains fly here there and everywhere with each roar. It is mentioned multiple times in the movie that he is a “Highly Decorated Army Officer” who now works like a mechanic at least once he is actually shown as working under a jeep. I guess he has taken that “Being Human” thing a little too seriously in life hence the outcome in form of this movie where the fundaa of “Pay It Forward” is so done to death that after almost every character repeating the same line word to word again and again so much that by intermission you actually remember the line by heart. And the biggest joke is yet to come – they made sure that someone actually does a favor to Salman before the end of the movie and freaking repeats the same line as well – just to prove the point that it indeed works. Right like some western movie fans counted the number of “Fuck” being used in Martin Scorcese’s latest movie – this one uses the word “Ganda / Gando / Gandi” almost a 117 times during the course of movie and mind it – that only means “Crazy” in Gujarati – a typical Suhail Khan treatment. As mentioned in so many other reviews the movie is full of jobless people and there are so many that you actually lose count of them hence none of the character ever gets developed barring Salman and his Sister Tabu whose only job is to turn on the killing machine by dropping a tear or by just shouting “Jai” and then she stops him saying the same “Jai” again – hilarious that is. Tabu and her son (the little guy from Chillar Party) are actually the saving grace of the movie. One kickass scene that I must mention is while he is being chased by goons and is in need of help – his army friend Suneil Shetty watches him on TV and guess how he comes to help him? No not in an army truck or jeep – he bloody drives a Tank into the town and you’ve got to see the Tank and the Gun that’s fitted into it (The one they use to shoot Aircrafts) and he starts shooting villains with it. WOW! Super Action. The less said about the rest of the people the best, I will definitely give it a 1/5 with no recommendation at all – skip it – you aren’t missing anything.

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