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Mr. Morgan’s Last Love (2013) – Drama / Comedy

Two names which attracted me to this movie were Michael Caine and Hans Zimmer (Music). And I must say what a wonderful movie this one turns out to be, this one reminded me big time of last year’s French movie “Amour” which received an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Same background, same city, even the house where it is shot almost looks identical to the one in Amour, in one particular scene one can see Eiffel Tower in the background. This one starts where that one ended – Mr. Morgan’s (Superb Michael Caine as the retired professor) wife dies and he refuses to let go of her body, how he survives after her death, moves on with the help of a new friend, almost falls in love again, gets connected to his family is the rest of the movie. His life changes when he meets Pauline (Clémence Poésy) who is a dance instructor in a local dance school, they hit it off so well and it’s just amazing to see their chemistry. All hell breaks loose when one fine day he tries to commit suicide, taken to a hospital and they inform his family (Son and daughter settled in USA), what happens next is a totally amazing drama every family goes through at one point or the other. A totally different love story cum drama and is a must watch for drama lovers. Michael Caine is in such a superb form in this one – he is anyways a legend and it’s a delight to watch him in a full fledge role in this one – I am definitely giving it a damn good 4/5 with a must watch recommendation for all.

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