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One By Two (2014) – Drama

One of the most uninspiring movies of 2014 so far and I’m sure this will always be remembered as the worst by Abhay Deol so far in his career. I guess this is more of a favor he did to his current girl friend by casting her in lead and by calling the character a British Citizen with a fake accent and bad Hindi. One hour into the movie and I was trying to understand the confused character of Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) with a parallel track of Samara Patel (Priti Desai) – the screen is cut into two halves and we see them criss cross each other’s lives and cameras multiple times without meeting ofcourse. But as any tom dick and harry watching a bollywood movie knows that the hero must get a girl by the end of the movie so technically we knew the ending. Although it’s a new concept (at least in Hindi Movies) and a good one at that but unfortunately not explored to the full extent, guess the writer / director tried making a funny film with whatever crap message (live life king size) threw in some drama in between, tried making it a some kind of a musical or dance movie too with not one good song to its credit or a dance performance to remember and end up making a mishmash of some sort which is painful to sit through. Half time and you actually know that Abhay Deol is seriously pissed by being in movie but somehow ends it. I will give it a 1/5 only for the unique concept – wish it was used in a better way. It’s already a flop and becomes one of those movies which deserved to be never made in the first place.

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