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Sinister (2012) – Horror

The only two reasons why I saw this movie was – one – it had Ethan Hawke in the lead and two – I love challenging myself by watching horror movies (In broad day light). Unfortunately it failed to scare me – yeah – it did had some shocking moments and only twice I had like real Goosebumps – I guess that qualifies this one as an average thriller as per me. Although it does impressed me as one good thriller cum slasher movie for sure as the way the families are killed is one awesome way – the entire sequences shot in a Super 8 film – I totally loved that 8mm projector. It had that been there done that feel right from the very start when they show that family moves into a haunted house – where whole of the family was killed and a kid goes missing. I could actually predict the very next scene and all those shocking moments too with terrific background score of images appearing and disappearing in thin air. Ethan Hawke is aptly cast as a writer in search of that one book which will turn his career and life to great success, that’s exactly the reason why he moves to this house with his wife and two young kids without informing them about the history of the house. What he discovers in the house is a box of home made films and his research to find the missing family member leads him to something big which changes his life. What happens next is a pretty predictable fare yet makes up for an average thriller at least, watch it if you like the guy, you may like the thrill(s) which comes with the movie. I will definitely rate it an average 2.5/5 – I usually rate a movie that much when I am confused if I liked it or not.
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