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Ignited Minds (Book) – APJ Abdul Kalam

Ignited minds is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read – a book written by scientist-patriot Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, who was the President of India and the best part is that he wrote this before becoming the President. I guess a whole book can be written or dedicated to the man’s achievement and ideas – the way he has lined them up here in the book is simply mind blowing. I wonder why this book isn’t publicized or marketed the way it should be – I read it almost after a decade and a couple of years more after its publication and feel like it should be made “Mandatory” for all the schools to add it as a part of extracurricular activity if not like a proper subject to study. If the young generation as Dr. Kalam claims is made aware of his thought process, ideas, theories backed by superb examples – we would have seen a different developed India in almost two decades (by 2020). It is indeed no surprise to me or to anyone what our country achieved under his superb guidance when it comes to Defense, Technology, Science, Agriculture etc and what more we could have achieved if all of his ideas were to put to use in real life would have been insane growth. Almost each chapter of the book works like an eye opener and made me wonder how in the world others couldn’t think of those simple ideas what he mentioned in the book. It’s a brilliant book from all standards and a breeze to read – I almost finished it (200 pages) in two sittings – highly recommended to all.
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  1. Yup… read this one long time ago. Simple words and nice thoughts…

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