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Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (Book)

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Gone Girl

The problem with reading a book on which a movie is already made or vice-versa is that you already know the ending or how its going to progress but the good part with a book is that its always Elaborate. Thats what I love about them – time and again almost everybody maintains that a book is always (almost) better then a movie – even if you keep the same writer for its script – it doesnt have that magic on you the impact a book as on its reader.
In this books case – I had great fun imagining Rosamund Pike as Amy (too good) and Ben Afleck as her Husband Nick – almost all the time their faces kept roaming in my memory as the book progresses so much so that now I want to watch the movie again just to see is it any good. Although when I saw it the first time (the only time) I totally liked it – I guess.

If you havent read this book – you’ve gotta get it and read it – its simply too good – I wont call it a thriller but yes the pace is good and it almost kept me hooked for the most part.

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