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Scion of Ikshvaku – Amish Tripathi (Book)

12/100 of #100bookpact

Scion of Ikshvaku

This is on record the first book almost in a decade or more that I have finished in less then 24 hrs. Picked it up last night and it deprived me of a good days sleep today – finished it off faster then I had imagined I would ever do. Also, I believed that I was a born Atheist but this guy is turning me out to be a believer of sorts. Another couple of books from him will make me quit my job and send me packing to Himalaya’s. I better stick to Fiction I guess.

I had always laughed on people when I read that they indeed queued in front of bookshops before they release another Harry Potter book – now I actually know how it feels as I am totally hooked to this series and unfortunately this one is the first of a trilogy I guess. The next book of the series is yet to get released. Even when this is written on the life of “Lord Ram” which is already a beaten to death story for us Indians. Still its so hooking that more they “who done it” it belongs to the genre of “How done it” – if you know what I mean. It had me in splits, grinning ear to ear, made me sit straight and take notice, at one point a tear actually rolled down my eyes (the Bharat episode) and had me breathless while reading the war scenes.

If you havent read this one or any of his works – its high time you picked up some. No ratings will do justice with this guy. Too good to be missed. 

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