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The Rozabal Line – Ashwin Sanghi (Book)

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The Rozabal Line

My friend gave me one of “Ashwin Sanghi’s” book (Chanakya Chant) and as I googled his name came across this one as being his first which he wrote sometime back and to my shock n surprise it was compared with “Dan Brown’s –  The Da Vinci Code” – which again I haven’t read yet (I know its a crime). The subject that it deal with is too good – Jesus lived in India – I had to read it.

Initial 50 pages were painful where I thought couple of times of dumping it as too much was happening which made no sense as I was having a hard time remembering the episodes but once I crossed a good 100 pages – it all suddenly starts making lot of senses and then there was no looking back. Comparison with Dan Brown that too being his first book in itself is a great achievement – I wont do that as I am yet to read any of his works which I would do now.

This one is a breeze as I finished it in flat 48 hours and two sittings only. Am I impressed? yes I am. Its good but not great as pretty predictable after a certain point but works as its mere 200 pages and I totally loved the Japanese connection as that kept me hooked to the most part. I will definitely recommend it to those going for a overnight train journey or for those lazy weekends when you have nothing better to do.

Now I am gonna go and pick up his other two books and read em back to back. 

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