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A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens (Book)

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A Tale of Two Cities

Time and again – some books have proved that I am not cut out to read “Classics” – this one too was no different. As it came highly recommended by some of my close friends and shockingly it took me bloody 11 days to finish this one. You can imagine my plight – I was wondering is there something wrong with the book?? I mean Dickens? or is it me to who this didnt make any sense. Barring a very few pages on Lucie’s love life and tragedy or Dr Mannette’s part – almost nothing else worked. But as the tradition goes – Never left a book midways – I somehow finished it. I also believe that one shouldnt write off one writer based on one book read – so have picked up “Great Expectations” as my second read from Charles – that I am going to pick after I recover from this one 😉

I would love to know from others who have read this one recently as how did they like it?

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