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Tamasha in Bandargaon – Navneet Jagannathan (Book)

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Tamasha in Bandargaon

Another book by an Indian Author with which I had high hopes as it came recommended by a very good friend who himself is a hitech Literary guy – if you know what I mean. Gotta read his review if he himself liked it as he gifted it to me a while back and I finished it today – again dashing all my hopes from the current crop of writers. Although it did give me that feeling that the writer is a definitely a Hrishikesh Mukherjee fan as its a very simple story based on the suburbs of Mumbai with real life characters and he actually does justice to all of them by the time it ends. Nothing very exciting, thirlling or comical but yes, it didnt either disappointed me as well. Story revolved around a couple of main characters like an MLA who wants to make it big in politics but whose luck revolves around a misprinted two rupee currency note and how it helps him is the only silver lining in this otherwise doomed story. Another good character is a maids daughter who wants to elope with her good for nothing boy friend who manages a illegal gambling den. One good thing that I liked about this book is its based on an area where I lived almost a decade myself (Not very far from it actually) and could very well gel with the description provided. This can be called a nice book for a long train journey written in small chapters with a little twist here and a little turn there, will not recommend it very highly but still makes up for a quick easy reading. Am I going to read another from the same writer? Naay. 

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