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Anthem – Ayn Rand (Book)

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Anthem – Ayn Rand

It will not be an exaggeration if I say Ayn Rand is one of my all time favorite writers (right now) although it took me three attempts to finish “The Fountainhead” that I totally loved and I had sat through the pain of John Galt’s speech in superbly written “Atlas Shrugged”. If you have read any of those – you would precisely know what I mean. The current book in context is one of the easiest read as its not even a one fourth of her earlier works. But for book lovers like me – the fatter the book the better it is, unfortunately this one is not even one evenings worth but covers a fantastic subject in one of its own best ways. By the time it ends I could actually see a guy like Howard or John climbing atop the hill to claim his own house (call life) as the winner well deserved. I have no idea in reality but I am sure it would be too tough for Ayn to come out of shadows of her own two strong characters that I could still see their shades in her work. It takes place at some unspecified future date when mankind has entered another dark age the world has come to an end (looks like). But the Man’s will is still not broken and he is going to do what he is here for. This became a sort of third book back to back that I read which again clarifies our purpose on this planet and kind of tries to answer what we are supposed to do in comparison to what we are doing right now. 

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