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The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown (Book)

37/100 of #100bookpact The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown I am sure I haven’t read a Dan Brown book in last decade or more may be and let me tell you – if you haven’t either. The books written by him cannot be reviewed once you finish them, if you know what I mean. WOW, again he has left me totally hooked to one of his amazing stories with a fantastic disclaimer of sorts in the very start. It is simply unputdownable – I am almost on the 100th page and the pace is so furious with three parallel tracks running for the same destination and it is the way he changes tracks that the read is keeping a third of his brain unoccupied with anything else then what comes next in that particular track. The filling in the gaps he leaves with the little pauses is so amazing that I believe next time I am going to pick up any of his works – I will make sure that I have no disturbances for another 48 hrs at least. One thing I love about his books though is the suspense that he creates and now after watching the movie on his book – whenever the name Robert Langdon is mentioned – unmistakably Tom Hanks comes to my mind. But it so unfortunate that they never made a movie on this one, not so far. One heck of a book so tightly written that it is tough to take a break even between the chapters. Freemasons, CIA, Scientists, Hackers, it has everything and a Symbologist (If I may call Robert that or Historian for lay man) in a chase at breakneck speed and everything going around the Capitol of Washington DC. A perfect combination of Science and Philosophy that too in superb doses. Its a must read for all thriller / suspense lovers.

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