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The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks (Book)

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The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

I saw this movie quite a few years back and totally loved it – I thought it was made for those hopelessly romantic people and still made a lot of sense to me (Not that I am any less romantic or I was at that time). Never knew it was made on a book till I actually got it from a crazy friend of mine who I am sure would have cried a night after finishing this. It didn’t make me cry cry but yes made me all nostalgic, thinking, gave me a little lump in my throat but kept a smile on my face throughout the day I read it and made me love the open ending. This is the second from the Author that I have read so far and I guess I’m gonna have to get the remaining to my collection soon. Also, I gotta watch the movie again to relive the memory and need faces for the lovely story. Story of a charming lovely couple in and out of love and back in with a fantastic lifetime of love and affection. I am amazed with the pace of the book – couldn’t believe that it actually ended that fast. I was thinking I will be able to stretch it to the weekend but it got over way before the Friday night ended. Read it guys – if you’ve ever been in love – this is it – a perfect book for the hardcore romantics. 

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