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Udta Punjab (2016) – Movie

Let’s see how high and well Punjab Flies. Just wouldn’t miss at any cost. It’s an eye opener. Needs more publicity and guess the world needs to see it. Its a fantastic movie – although wont call it a hardcore Entertainer if thats what people expect from every movie but it has all the other things you expect in a good movie (qualifies for a meaningful movie). No idea of the subjects authenticity as never stayed in Punjab – passed thru couple of times but cant judge. But yes in other cities the situation isn’t this bad and I can say a lot of my own friends do a lot of stuff these days which is very easily available in Mumbai, Pune, Goa etc. Superb Job by entire team – totally into the characters all of them. But my favorite will be Diljit – he is a revelation of sorts. What precise expressions – this will definitely get him some good debut awards for sure. If you haven’t seen it yet – you better watch it right now as its running to empty theaters in here and will go off soon. I really pity those who have seen either a pirated print (people staying in foreign lands exempted where movie didn’t release) – they have no freaking idea what they are missing. This is one of those rare Shahid movies that I would love to see again on big screen.

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  1. I agree. I was very impressed by the movie as well.

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