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After You – Jojo Moyes (Book)

46/100 of #100bookpact After You – Jojo Moyes. Imagine even books have sequels – just when I thought they only made movie sequels and screwed the originals, came across this book which was a sequel to the authors last book “Me Before You” which I read about a month ago right before the movie on the same book released. The Book (Me Before You) was simply fantastic, amazing love story with although a sad ending – what could one expect from the love story of a underrated, non adventurous girl who has no career or dreams whatsoever with a guy who is at the pinnacle of his career – totally outgoing adventure loving character but an accident leaves him stuck to a wheel chair for life. Shockingly sad but predictable ending had me also thinking – whats going to happen the girl? Will she be able to move out of his shadow ever? Is she going to move on, get a life, love again? settle down? The sequel “After You’ is actually her story forward as what happens a couple of years down the line in her life. It isn’t half as good as the first part, almost drags initially, has a good mid part and an ending which simply refuses to come. I had a terrible terrible time finishing the last three chapters as it simply wasn’t coming. But…… like her other book – the author was able to keep me hooked to the story that I had to finish it in flat 24 hours only. It works in parts but definitely doesn’t works like a whole book and has no repeat value as such – am definitely not going to read again (Would love to read the first part though even after knowing the ending). Again the author was able to keep the reader guessing about most of the story, I wasn’t sure what is going to come from his past which is going to sweep her off her feat and give her a reason to fight. Is she finally going to overcome the memory / grief, even when his own family had moved on. Is her dysfunctional family will ever come to her rescue? The book answers all the questions, does puts a smile on my face more than a couple of times and was a quick read too. If you like reading love stories – you can definitely consider both the parts back to back and enjoy you. I would love to know someone else’s opinion too of the sequel though. Is it me only to who it didn’t appeal like the way it should have? or there are others too thinking the same. Hope they make a movie on this one although I am yet to see the one they made on the first book.

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