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Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch (Book)

47/100 of #100bookpact Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
Isn’t the title itself too lucrative to just pick up the book and go for it? Also, it came highly recommended in an article I read not so long ago, since then it was a part of my “to be read” list. A series of three books written by Neale Donald Walsch as his personal one O one conversation with God. Unfortunately I got the first two books (e Copies) only and am glad that the third one is available in stores. It doesn’t matter one believes his theory or not but trust me that there is not one thing that you can disagree with in the whole of the first book. It amazingly answers all the possible questions one can have to be asked from God – just in case we find him someday talking to us. No ways, I could actually read that he was asking precisely the same questions those keep cropping up in my own mind pretty often (You see age is catching up I guess). Commendable is the way he has recorded the whole conversation, too friendly, humorous and in a very easily understandable way, never gets too preachy. It almost covered everything like Career, Money, Goal, Reason of living, Love, Satisfaction and what not. This was another of those books which as per me is simply unputdownable, I will call it no less then an engrossing thriller of sorts. And I totally loved the way God talked to him. I am totally eagerly waiting to read the other two parts but just need to give myself some time to digest what this one talked about.
Just so you know what is covered in all the three books: Book One is to contain basic truths, primary understandings, and address essential personal matters and issues. Book Two is to contain more far-reaching truths, grander understandings, and address global matters and issues. Book Three is to contain the largest truths you are now capable of understanding, and address universal matters and issuesβ€”matters being dealt with by all the beings of the universe.

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