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Forget Me Not, Stranger – Novoneel Chakraborty (Book)

43/100 of #100bookpact Forget Me Not, Stranger – Novoneel Chakraborty
The Third and the last book from the Trilogy that I finished today to put my soul to rest finally. That is one thing I like about thrillers if they are aptly written – it was totally able to keep me glued to the very (Americanish) ending – which didn’t work for some of my friends but worked for me, if Dan Brown and John Grisham can make a brotherhood – why can’t we? Although it will be a crime using those names here but never mind – at some time some one can use those greater ones for inspiration – no harm in that. Finally the story of Rivanah comes to a conclusion and the stranger is revealed and the reasons are disclosed as to why someone was helping / blackmailing / forcing her to amend what she did in her past (knowing or unknowingly) and how she pays for it is the rest of the story covered in concluding part. I must say that the writer was able to keep me guessing the character till the very last chapter and it wasn’t that easy (I wasn’t right I can confess). So, if you like thrillers and have couple of days in hand to finish off in a jiffy – pick this series. As I go back to one of my heaviest reads after this.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this series. Heaviest reads? Kaun hai wo kaun hai?

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