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Marry Me, Stranger – Novoneel Chakraborty (Book)

41/100 of #100bookpact Marry Me, Stranger – Novoneel Chakraborty
I have a habit of challenging myself by picking up heavy subjects (Books) and it takes me some time to digest them thoroughly hence I kindda take a break by picking up this kind of books in between just to refresh my mind. Hence I picked up this “Stranger Trilogy” recently and thought of giving its first part a try yesterday. The book is written in such a nice way that it was actually very hard for me to put it down although nothing great but yes the writer has seen too many Bollywood and Hollywood thrillers that is inevitable – it races to the finish in no time. I totally loved its pace which was no less then watching a perfect thriller – almost every chapter ends with a new twist that you just cant not read the next and the next till you finish the book. Story of a fresh graduate traveling to Mumbai for her first job, her love affair, betrayal and help by a stranger (who is actually the hero or may be heroin) who never comes in front. There is a price too that she needs to pay if she doesn’t fulfill his / her demands from time to time. Will she ever get the love of her life? who is this stranger? why is he helping her? what’s his agenda? Is she falling for him? It raises too many questions and Another point that I really liked about the book was the writers knowledge of Mumbai geography and areas that he has captured – Perfect. For someone who has lived almost a decade in Mumbai – this works wonders – as I could actually visualize where it all happened. Its a very nice one time read – Imagine I am almost at the ending of the second book as I post this.

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