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Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie (Book)

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Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie

Curiosity has killed the cat so many times that I have stopped counting anymore :). How can one forget about this one which was so much in news earlier and a Fatwa (Death Sentence) was issued on Salman’s name – its his good luck that he is still alive after so many years of writing this controversial book. I am shocked to know that it is still not available in the book stores (not in India at least) that wherever I asked for it – got weird looks from the store people as if I was asking a book on “How to make a time bomb” or something. Finally got an eBook which is easier to get in todays time and got my doubts cleared that it indeed needed to be banned (after reading it). He has spared no one right from their own Prophets to shockingly Amitabh Bachachan, yes!! even I was shocked to read how could Big B and Rekha too get a mention in this book, Unbelievable. Its a story with two lead characters – Saladin Chamcha (Voice over artist in London) and Gibreet Farishta (An Actor), starting from Bombay with connections in UK and even USA. Actually after reading it – looks like Salman has poured his frustration (of what I don’t know) into the book, even used cuss words a plenty, taken references from almost all the religions as he couldn’t dared taking one only. It needs a lot of editing too (I believe) because he keeps forgetting words while writing and will leave it like that saying “What was that word…? ” and leave it open like that.

Although it was a pain to go through after the story loses its track midways but I challenged myself to finish it and finally did it (took me good 10 days). And I am convinced that this needs to remain banned for good. So much use of Hindi and other local languages am sure will be turn off for a lot of people (if anybody care to go further). It is actually very hard to tell if he is making fun of everyone or is being sarcastic throughout. One of the star attraction of his book is his references and the way he molds their names i.e. Linda Lovelace (There is an important character in the book with that name), his mention of term Deep Throat, Pornography and all – I am shocked with the ease that he uses the same. Names like Rajiv Gandhi and family too with Bachchan and all he has used. I guess rather I am doubly sure that he wanted to invite controversy – just cant deny that now.

PS: In the end as my friend said in her post couple of weeks ago – I was glad like Yay!! I finished it finally. 

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