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Whitenights (And other stories) – Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Book)

39/100 of #100bookpact Whitenights (And other stories) – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
(Whitenights) I am sure I have seen at least 3-4 movies based on the same story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky but none comes half as closer to the original story. Again I love the simplicity and a very straight forward way of telling a story by these Russians. Also, if you have read this one – did you notice that the main character (Our Hero) has no name. What a fantastic (Read heartbreaking) story – truly awesome and whats love if there is no sacrifice in it. A typical boy meets girl who is already in love with someone. Their friendship blooms in no time as they spend a couple of nights (talking their hearts out) and we get to know of them in a better way. And a twist in the end seals their fates forever. I am going to sit tight and read the other stories more carefully to see if he actually doesn’t name his main characters in the upcoming stories. (Underground) I believe every writer (read person) goes through a phase where he or she contemplates his purpose of life – earlier I read a “Confessions” by Tolstoy as he went through this dilemma and now him. The second story which isn’t a story in reality – may be chapter taken out of his personal life is a kind of confession by him of his so called wretched life which abruptly comes to a halt as he believes that its too much for us readers to go through it – although I kept asking for more and he does hints that it all doesn’t end in here and may let us know the rest at a later stage in the book or may be in some other book – but those ramblings are too good and too real to life. Couldn’t believe that someone as acclaimed as him would have gone through it too what we all go through in our daily lives. (A Faint Heart) Third story and back to back a sad ending – I wonder if he ends all his stories in that gloomy fashion. No doubt that I was touched but was hoping against a hope that it should end on a happy note. Poor Vasya (the lead) totally a lovable character, such a good soul – imagine he just couldn’t take what life had in offer for him and succumbs. Right when everything starts falling in place for him, a great friend to support, almost about to get married to an amazing girl – all hell breaks upon himself or rather he crashes to his own insecurities – a very touchy story. Hoping the last one turns out to be a good one with positive ending with something to cheer about the book. (A Christmas Tree and a wedding) A very short story indeed on what sheer unbelievable things people do just for some money, Shocking.

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