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1984 – George Orwell (Book)

58/100 of #100bookpact 1984 – George Orwell Second book from the writer that I picked up as it came highly recommended by quite a few people I know. And it became one of those few books which looked like a big challenge for me to finish. But as they say in literary world that If someone can read “John Galt’s” speech without flinching – he / she can read anything thrown at them at any point of time. I will now call him definitely a master of satire (need to wiki him now), now I am too inclined to read a book “on him” more then a book by him. Seriously heavy stuff at least on me this book was.
The story of the year 1984 as he keeps mentioning not so sure about the time at times himself and the fictitious location which sounds more like the London of future (today may be). World has actually gone to the dogs, Humans work like machines, fed on a special diet, whoever goes against the system is hanged or just vaporized with all the data related to one’s being is erased from the face of the earth. No more families, no more social life, you are being watched all the time (Big Brother anyone), anything one attempts or does has a repercussion. I wonder what made him imagine all that and where it all came from which actually sounds scary as well looks like not so distant truth too – you see one way or the other Apocalypse is coming for sure. But as every dark night has a silver lining this one too has a beautiful love story amongst the bomb blasts and their life’s never ending troubles. It is indeed hilarious and horrible both together in equal measures. The terms used in the book are too good how the humanity is controlled by some kind of agency that even our thoughts are under their control and one who thinks of something which is forbidden – they need to pay by their life or may be 25 years in prison. The book actually becomes too engrossing and interesting after midways when it all starts making sense (scary at times). Followed by Revolution of sorts and unbelievable ending. Although it became that rarest of the rare books which actually made me feel “Yay I finished finally”.

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