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Animal Farm – George Orwell (Book)

52/100 of #100bookpact Animal Farm – George Orwell

Wifey got this book from her office library being the thinnest and smallest book in the whole rack and I gladly picked up as it came highly recommended by some of my own friends – even she liked it. Although its a nice one time read with being so smaller in size I could actually finish it in one sitting but once I reach midways – I started realizing that something wasn’t right about it and thats when I Wiki’ed and realized what the author actually wanted to pin point at. Thats another problem when you read a book which was written say 50, 60 or may be a 100 years ago – you may not get its real point what it meant to make and like this one – for people who may not care to know it turns out to be a nice little book on farm animals who revolt against human barbarism against animals and start living on their own. They go to an extent of living almost a humans like life, play cards and drink whiskey like us. They even make their own anthem and sing it proudly too, they have their own Seven Commandments (Hilarious ones) and they believe the funda of “Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad”. They change so much themselves that some of them become their own leaders and their internal issues start cropping up before the inevitable predictable end it draws to. Whereas the story has got a lot to do with Russian revolution and the characters mentioned in this story are taken from some of the great names from Russia (Old United). But even otherwise its a fantastic fast read which did put a lot of smiles on my face and made me laugh ear to ear with the hilarious situations.

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