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Seizure – Robin Cook (Book)

54/100 of #100bookpact Seizure – Robin Cook

This book had been in my collection for quite a while and somewhere I read about his latest release so thought of picking this up first. What an amazing Biotech thriller it is – written by a Doctor (MD) it actually gives a good glimpse in the life of likes. As the protagonist(s) of this one is a Harvard PHd, who has found the cure for Parkinson’s which isn’t yet approved by FDA. What all he has to go through to put it in the line of approval (by force) by illegally testing it on the same Senator who discards his idea in the first place. Because he wants to use it first for himself being a Parkinson’s sufferer and is about to lose his ever flourishing career. With a superb twist thrown in which relates to Shroud of Turin thrown in – it makes up for a superb detailed thriller with eye popping details on Biotechnology advancements. Involvement of other characters, the illegal practices, their cross country travels on research and collection of required items – makes up for an amazing thrilling ride. The entire book covers up close to a months time and it is written in such an intelligent and engrossing manner that I actually had to go back to earlier chapters to check the dates and time to make the pieces fall on their right places. This is almost one of those very few novels which kept sending me back after placing the book mark on the current pages again and again. Too Good. I guess I am all ready now to pick up some of his other works as well need to pick up a couple of books mentioned in this one on Shroud of Turin now – that is so fascinatingly mentioned and written about in this one that its just impossible to resist now. Another good part about the whole story is the explanation given by Robin Cook in the end of the book clearing fact with fiction hence calling it a Faction, I really liked that.

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