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The Brethren – John Grisham (Book)

61/100 of #100bookpact The Brethren – John Grisham
Second book back to back from Grisham and it set me thinking what the fetish these guys (read American writers) have with Washington DC, The Capitol, President of United States etc. Almost all of them say Jeffrey Archer, Grisham and even Dan Brown have an inclination towards them all in almost all of their books. One more thing I noticed specially in a Grisham book that one of his characters will certainly be looking out to wrap up his life, buy a Sail Boat and set off a sail around the world doing nothing else in life. His definition of retirement is simple – make or get a lot of money one way or other (meaning hook or crook) get a sail boat and just move on. This one turns out to be a story of three retired judges who make a “Brethren” inside a prison. Why are they in the prison? or how they run their empire covering almost the entire US of A, how they collect money is the story all about. Keeping the reader engrossed with a parallel track of a small time politician who CIA tries to turn into the next President. But what has “The Brethren” got to do with this guy and how their path’s cross makes up for a superb Cat and Mouse game. By the time I was towards the last 50 pages – I was thinking I will be easily able to predict the ending – had thought of three alternate endings but none of them worked – the way Grisham decides to end it, Super Awesome. A superb one time read for sure.

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