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Women in Love – D H Lawrence (Book)

60/100 of #100bookpact Women in Love – D H Lawrence
One of the first that I read from D H Lawrence and what an amazing story this one turns out to be. Although it kept on reminding me of “Pride and Prejudice” which was written almost a 100 years before this one. They do have an uncanny resemblance but this too was almost as good as that one. Two of the best friends falling in love with two sisters and where love takes them is the story. Told in the most relaxed fashion – exactly the way I love the books I read. No hurry – no one’s going anywhere and it all happens at a leisure pace. The best part of the book is the episodes between sisters as well as these two friends who have nothing in common yet their interactions are simply superb. Another wonderful thing in this book is a Man’s opinion of another man and in contrast a Women’s opinion of a man. If you have read the book you will agree with me but if you haven’t and are interested in the subject – you better pick it up now :). I was totally rolling on floor with laughter as what they think of each other and how different they were in reality. I am sure the writer of “Women are from Venus and Man are from Mars” was highly inspired by this book. Its a beautiful beautiful book from all angles – I regret not knowing any German as there were so many instances where the writer throws German phrases and sentences which make no sense to us English readers. Also, the totally unpredictable outcome and unbelievably shocking ending of-course I should have predicted that because so much happens in the book because of women’s (in the story’s) different opinion of things. WOW – this proves how different we all are and how differently we think.

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