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Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – J K Rowling (Book)

73/100 of #100bookpact Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – J K Rowling
Fourth book of the series and I guess the size starts going bigger now as its around 750+ pages – still a breeze. Harry is now a grown up teenager with more responsibilities on his shoulder then he can take it – inter school competition to win something like a triathlon (which covers a major part of the book), develops his first crush (thats so sweetly written), Ron and Hermione at their fighting best, but guess whats the biggest exciting thing in this one which was missing in the earlier books? Yeah! Lord Voldemort is back and he is back big time with vengeance, although a little powerless but is definitely capable of turning things with the help of his associates. This one had the best of starts so far from the series as per me as it had me engrossed right from the very chapter to the very end expecting the unexpected and how it turns out to be is totally amazing stuff. Finally we get to witness the Quidditch World Cup which was long awaited – unbelievable narration – I could actually see everything happening in front of my eyes – the way it was written. Another load(s) of new characters are introduced in this part with some coming back for guest appearance from previous parts (I love Sirius Black – the prisoner of Azkaban). Also, this is one of those books which sent me racing past the page I was reading – it is indeed so thrilling that I wanted to know what was happening and how it all ends – so much so that while I was reading the top left page – my eyes will automatically travel to lower right part to read the outcome first :), If you know what I mean. The way this one ends I can only imagine how the next one is going to start and take the story forward. Finally it gives the reader a glimpse of what to expect in coming books. At this stage I really wonder what if I had to wait for the next part for 6 months or a year as readers used to do while she was writing the next part – Unbelievable excruciatingly painful it would be. Guess I don’t need to go through that as I can very well pick up the next of the series as its already with me right after I watch the movie on this one tomorrow. But I am doubly sure here onwards they will start screwing it up in the movies – although cant resist them but have no expectations now on.

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