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Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix – J K Rowling (Book)

74/100 of #100bookpact Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix – J K Rowling. Fifth of the series and unbelievably the standard still keeps going up unlike my friends – who told me that the fourth one was the best of the series – I even loved this one (of-course a bit better then 4th) too for sure. Although it has a little lackluster start as she takes her own sweet time in giving a review of things they have done so far (I like that in parts though). As usual with other Harry Potter books – even this one too takes the story couple of steps forward and backward too, giving the readers a glimpses of the past – it is super awesome narration coming up close and personal with Harry’s dad and his friends. Once the story goes full throttle there is actually no looking back but the ending where one is kept asking for more waiting for another part. Unfortunately none of my three favorite characters had much scope in this one – Voldemort after superb entry in previous part that too in the very end is still growing and getting more powerful. Dumbledore is now absconding from the scene totally leaving it all on kids to tackle (total suspense what is he up-to now). Snape is still negative although helping Harry now – I really big time want to know his character well now – So much love him – hope he is put to right use in upcoming parts. Ministry of Magic is controlling the Hogwarts and what they go through takes me back in time to my own schooling days especially the histrionics of Weasley’s. Another loads of new characters – some irritating like the new Head Mistress – I wanted to dive in the book and do what not to her for irritating the kids if only I knew a bit of a magic and had a wand like Harry. Some lovable characters too like the new Giant and the new “Astronomy Teacher”, return of the Hagrid and gone again. Dumbledore’s Army and the people behind the “Order of Phoenix” their headquarter etc. This again has so much going at such a great pace that I am totally astounded by Rowling’s amazing imagination. Finally, one more good thing that I noticed, cherished, loved in this one that Love Story of Harry Potter is now coming on right track – midways into the book I was actually thinking whether he will get kissed by a Dementor (The Soul Suckers) or a girl first. Less of Quidditch in this one that I sorely missed for sure. His God-Father Sirius Black (Sigh!) finally gets some footage, his story is told, whenever he gets mentioned in the book – the image of Gary Oldman (as in the movie) floats in air in front of me, I hoped he got a one O one with Voldemort at least once. Length of the book is so much that it almost took me a whole week to finish but at this point of time I will say “the longer the better” I so much want it to never end but I can see the end of the tunnel already.

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