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Stories By Tagore – Rabindranath Tagore (Book)

72/100 of #100bookpact Stories By Tagore – Rabindranath Tagore
My first book on Kindle – since “Uncle Sam” was coming from US of A and I could think of nothing better to ask him to get for me. Wanted to make my first read a special one and didn’t take me long what to get from Amazon (that too free) and instantly got this one and couple of other classic books. Tagore’s writing (translated in English by his Daughter) took me back to my school days with the very first story of “Kabuliwallah” – who hasn’t read this one and not get touched by its simplicity, totally loved it yet again after so many years. It is indeed a chapter of my Kiddo’s 5th standard course-book. Followed by couple of his other short stories which were equally amazing if not better then this one. What I liked about his book is – it is very straight forward story telling, to the point, superb narrative, rich use of words and kept me reminding so much of Dickens (Don’t know why). Although almost all of his stories came to an abrupt end, some ended on a very open note, some (majority) had sad endings too. My Favorite amongst these will be Kabuliwallah for sure, followed by heart touching story of the little girl (The Postmaster) and definitely “The Babus of Nayanjore” – they were simply wow, also the longest of the lot. The book even contains his personal notes on stories as well as meaning for some difficult terms as a glossary in the end of each story – making it even better to understand.
I guess this is one of my own first readings of Tagore and I will be looking forward to some of his other works too now. Need to find out who were the authentic translators for him as lot of his works (I believe most) would be translated from Bangla to English.

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