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The Painted House – John Grisham (Book)

64/100 of #100bookpact The Painted House – John Grisham
Third from Grisham that I read back to back and this one is totally different from the first two. Just couldn’t believe this is from the same guy who gave us those thrillers as this one had no lawyers (his other books almost have em all) no thrills but a superb story told from the point of view of a 7 year old kid that too from early 50’s. How life of a kid born and raised on a farm was during those days. He has his own ambitions, inspirations, fears, dreams, struggles, his love of baseball, his lovable uncle missing in action in Korea and even a little love story of his own at that early age, told in such a lovely, simple and heart touching way that I am totally in love with the book and its characters. Story of a middle class American farmer’s family around Arkansas, into cotton farming that too in a rented piece of land, their hand to mouth situation yet they were able to just about afford some labors from Mexico and Hills to help them. The whole of the story revolves around their unpainted house and how the kid desperately wishes to have their house painted. Their love of Baseball a game played even in farm with so much passion – one of the most superbly written chapter. Also, the sacrifices made by the kid to save the harvest and the number of secrets he keeps with almost all of his family members at least one each per persons and of his limited number of friends. Its a heart warming book which kept a smile on my face throughout the narrative. Although the story is based in early 50’s still I couldn’t find it any different from our own life not so long ago, families with no TV or luxury, kids waiting a lifetime to go somewhere they found those luxuries maybe briefly, values and all were exactly same what we had gone thru in our old days. Memory of this story is going to go a long way with me. A very highly recommendable book for sure.

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