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The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club – Charles Dickens (Book)

66/100 of #100bookpact The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club – Charles Dickens
Another Charles Dickens book which came very highly recommended by friends and I got one of the oldest copies I guess. And again – what an amazing book this one is – unbelievable that this was one of his very first works that too when he was hardly 24 years old. WOW! It is always simply fantastic the way he (rather they) dramatically details every little thing about the story with such superb rich English that it takes me couple of readings of the sentences to really make more sense and put a widest grin on my face. His books are actually like that last sip of a great cup of coffee that you know would be the best even after it gets cold, if you know what I mean. I love the dramatics, I love those crazy use of words that go into my vocabulary with a certain belief that I will never be using them ever in my life – I feel am not qualified enough to use them, howsoever much I love them.
The Book in question is written more like episodes as the Pickwickians go through their various adventures of their Pickwick club founded by Mr. Pickwick who happens to be the Hero of the story. Hilarious are their accounts of various trips – although I believe this one covers up only half a dozen of trips only. But Fantastic they are – quite a few of them are too good and will be remembered by me for quite a long time like the one where they chase a guy who has runaway with their friends sister to marry her, how they follow them, chase them and retrieve the girl is totally Hilarious. Also the episode of one of their club member Mr. Winkle’s handling of Gun and Horses is another high time comical stuff. I loved the Duel part, the confusion and the final outcome was totally out of this world stuff – hats off to his imagination and simply superb narrative – had me in splits totally. Back of my mind I was imagining the visuals too the way he has explained the whole thing – too good. Its a must must read for all Dickens fans and a permanent part of anyone’s collection. I will now look forward to its movie adaptation that too made way back in 1952, hope it is half as good as the book.

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