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Tiger In You – Shiraz Mukherjee (Book)

75/100 of #100bookpact Tiger In You – Shiraz Mukherjee How frequently this can happen with anyone that you actually get aquainted with a writer first, get the book next, end up reading it, reviewing it on the same group on Facebook where you got introduced and may be get a copy of the book signed by the writer? Pin point a few points to be rectified in next publication. Or discuss the characters at length to know them a bit better or get your questions answered. This is the second instance of the same thing that has happened with me in last couple of years and all thanks to our “Bookoholics” group, its Admin and members for the same. I am a little biased (in good ways) towards the Bengali community as well as writers and movie makers as am totally totally inspired and in love with Satyajit Ray and the likes – If I ever visit Calcutta ever in my life – there are so many places that I would love to visit that it will take me weeks to cover it all. As soon as the Calcutta is mentioned – what come to one’s mind? Hawra Bridge, Royal Bengal Tiger, The Sunderbans, Sweet Language Bengali (love the way its spoken and its use in the book), Football and a host of other things – this book has them all. Its a story of five college friends from Mumbai on a week long vacation to the “Sunderbans” in search of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Do they get to see the Tiger face to face? The famous Man – Eater, what they go through turns out to be an adventurous roller coaster sort of trip which changes their life and their outlook towards life – big time. Three guys and two girl (one of them a foreigner) – they have their own band and all of them specialize in one or the other instrument. Their adventure starts right the moment they step out of the railway station in Calcutta and there is no looking back. It was hilarious as how they reach their destination and kind of a true story too in our part of the world which is actually still like the way its depicted in the book – I have no doubts on that. Their guide in the Sunderban journey turns to be an American X Army who himself was taking a sabbatical from the world he belonged to do something better in life and get some peace, even he has his own story to tell too. How it all turns out for them makes up for the rest of the story told in a chilling manner by the debut-ant writer. How they get involved with the locals, their plight, the tough life out there in the jungle, their struggle and what not with so much thrown in – it makes up for a very fast read and a story well told.
I will not be shocked if this becomes another “Slumdog Millionaire” in future and it may start that debate of showing India yet again in poor light but I guess thats how it still is so point debating it other way round. It did keep me thinking but then its a work of fiction isn’t it? so we can give that much freedom to the story teller although its not fully convincing as at times it indeed felt that everything they were doing was such a cake walk for them but then they do face their own struggle and guess thats what the “Tiger In You” is all about. They may not come face to face with the Tiger they went there to see but would they be able to wake up the “Tiger in Them” is the big questions. I for one would definitely look forward to his other upcoming works in the near future as this is too good if you compare it with other trashy novels churned out by so many other Indian writers in the name of “Thrillers” that don’t even deserve a review or recommendation. This definitely is a thumbs up from me.

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