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One Indian Girl – Chetan Bhagat (Book)

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One Indian Girl – Chetan Bhagat

So, the next Chetan Bhagat book is out – what are we going to do? Ignore it? Dump it without reading? Go by others opinion? as most are going to read and discard as another trashy book soon to be made into a hit movie or go with the other most who will read it and love it and of-course will wait for the movie too? Or the last option – what the heck! will read and will make my own opinion. I am definitely the third types – so got it at a discount in the first week itself and you see I saved 20/- by getting it only for 99/- Bingo! Thats a steal as will fwd it to the friends soon who are CB Fans. Also, I wanted to read it before the movie rights are sold to anyone and the lead cast is declared so I can visualize my own imaginative faces for the lead :). Thats the best reason so far that I could come out with to read this one – have read all his earlier works, some I didn’t like much, some I did and guess some I loved too, he has written six before this one if you already don’t know. Also, I am anyways no short of time to put some man-hours to an Author’s year long efforts. The choice of words in this one confirmed one thing though that he has read “Harry Potter” books for sure.

And he has left no stone unturned in breaking off all the clichรฉs in the society specially for girls, you will agree with me if you have read the book. So we have Radhika in lead here an IIT and IIMian (Of-course CB cant look beyond that so far) and its always good for us Indians passed out from Hamidia Colleges to read the rocking life of those prestigious college pass-outs who land in jobs worth paying quarter of a million American dollars in the their very first job (Being a financial geek working with Goldman Sachs NYC). Why cant a girl make more then her own boy friend i.e. three times more then what exactly he makes, how he takes it is worth a read, also what happens next could be anyone’s guess. Of-course this girl wants her man to go down on her, why not? She too has a right on pleasure and she loves “Brazilian Wax” if you know what he means and we already know by this time how far Chetan Bhagat has come from “Five Point Someone” days. He aptly uses his own knowledge of Financial Industry in this one that too on layman terms. Giving us a gist how GS and its employees made money and hopefully he will end it the way I predict it to end. So, Radhika is on the verge of getting married (read arranged marriage – we are Indians after-all) and her X boy friend crops up, so we have to go through a flashback of her success and not so success story to come to the end and see what happens. Will a girl get her due finally as this is the 21st century and no one is able to understand her yet. Also CB has definitely given some competition to Samuel L Jackson from “Pulp Fiction” in using the F word this time around especially by his Girl – I guess a first in his books and why not? If you ask why. I am loving it so far…. I love her dad too (Although he had hardly anything to do).

So, Miss Radhika is definitely in and out of love a couple of times, have all the experiences of tough life, traveled a lot starting her career from NYC to Hongkong to London and in between her job makes her travel a lot too. She isn’t a virgin, can spend a Crore on her own on her destination wedding. Drinks, Smokes, does drugs too when she wants to yet she cant decide how and where her life goes at times. I was totally convinced with the story and also loved the fact that he ended it exactly how I wished it would end after reading the first 50 odd pages as all the characters lay their cards on the table. It’s a must read for all as its a breeze of a book, short and sweet especially for those who happen to be the parents of a girl child in our part of the world. I have a lot of cousins and friends who are going through the same battle in their lives, even after having good education and jobs – they still cant fly free. And Chetan Bhagat has left no stone unturned with this book and story (call it a work of fiction) in clearing all doubts that he is a pakka feminist – nothing wrong in that and why not? I am totally with him, high time we accepted the smartness of our better half’s hands down and respect them too. Although the book may not prove to be too great or the story not to be too different (I haven’t read this kind of a story in the past ever) still he makes a very clear point and I totally loved it. Can definitely not disagree with him on anything he says through his characters – they are totally apt and unbelievably true as this is exactly what we all go through even today. 

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