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The Zahir – Paulo Coelho (Book)

84/100 of #100bookpact The Zahir – Paulo Coelho This is the third book from Paulo that I have read in the last 15 days or less and I must say that I totally love his flow of words and treatment of stories interwoven with real life. This one definitely is his own partial Autobiography of sorts where he has taken a chapter out of his own married life and put it as a book, his little more then two year long separation from his wife when she leaves him with no clue where she is going and what she is going to do. He also gets arrested briefly at the very start but later let go as they get no proof of any crime done by him (hilarious episode and loved his sense of humor). What is more inspiring in this book or any of his other works is simplicity and the way he just writes what comes to his mind in the form of a book and confesses too that – thats all he could do and it works for him and others too. Credits his wife for making him a writer as he himself wasn’t sure if its the right thing to do or not, she actually gets him a typewriter / computer and he starts fulfilling his own dream. He says why he wrote / writes is to clear his mind off whatever coming into it so he can sleep peacefully 🙂 now how inspiring it is for a budding writer – who gets a big clue as what to write on and where to go from there.
This starts after they have been married for close to ten years when the things start going south, static routine life, no change, they start taking each other for granted and finally his wife walks out without leaving any clue behind where she is going, why and with whom. How he gets the idea where she has gone and his subsequent journey of getting to find her or may be convince her back into his life is what this book covers mostly, a journey of around a little more then 2 years and a couple of months. If you like his books and like him as a writer – this one is a must must read as it gives a great insight on the man Paulo Coelho is, a terrific personal account of his own life and how he does things, what he thinks, his insecurities, passion and what not. I totally loved it. Hats off to the writer in him too as this one keeps the reader in a dilemma and sort of suspense too till the very end as how and what is going to happen at the end of the day. Close to 200 pages and a breeze to read, this one again is a book where the reader keeps asking for more by the time it ends. Also, I loved the way he talks about his other books in here narrating the story as that tells me what am I going to read next :), you see I told you – he is smart. 
Paulo Coelho I must say is one of those very few writers that makes every reader feel how the heck he knows what am I thinking? As he actually has written exactly what was going through my mind while reading it. If you have read this – you will know what I am talking and if you haven’t – I guess its high-time you get a copy and read it.

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