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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – J K Rowling (Book)

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – J K Rowling
After reading and loving the Harry Potter series back to back (last month), I was looking to read some more on Harry and his world and came across this amazing book (loved the idea and concept) which I believe is already made into a movie (inspired) to be released next week. I totally loved the idea and concept of this book – the way it is thought and conceptualized that its going to any Harry Potter reader and lover alike. If you have read the books you would know that this book has a lot of mention out there as a “Text Book”, now imagine reading the same book written by the same writer as mentioned in the story (Newt Scamander) with a Foreword by none other then “Albus Dumbledore” – Bingo!! Who would miss it? Also, it is written and printed as if this was actually the book that Harry used at Hogwarts, with his personal notes, jokes and what not written all over it, around the margins in his own writing (remember how we use to scribble on our own books). Even Ron and Hermione too has a say in it as they too have written some notes in their own handwriting in the book – totally hilarious things. And on top of that – a major chunk of the revenues generated by this book go to a charity followed by J K Rowling for various good causes. WOW! What a brilliant idea and what a superb execution.
Although it cant be called a book but can be considered a sidey joke book on Magical Creatures from the Harry Potter’s world. I wonder how they could make a movie on it? As there is no story but just explanations (detailed and hilarious) that too funnily in alphabetical order. Hats off to her imagination that she actually end up making a glossary of all the magical creatures used in the book series. I wonder how much creative one can get and JK Rowling is one of those few examples of being Super Solid Creative writer with wildest imagination – I will say. And I mostly end up liking those books including this one – when they successfully put a smile on my face, this indeed does by the time it ends.

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