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Quidditch Through The Ages – J K Rowling (Book)

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Quidditch Through The Ages – J K Rowling

Earlier when I had not read any Harry Potter book, I used to think what is so special about this series that the fans go crazy with every new book on the same but now after the Harry Potter bug has bitten me – I believe its other way round and I am simply unable to let go of any book with any reference to him :). This is almost the last book that I could get with reference to HP and right from the very start it was able to put a big big smile on my face. Especially the intelligent and humorous way JK Rowling has conceptualized this one, with a note of warning from Irma Pince (The Hogwarts Librarian), The Library Card attached to it with the names and dates of who else has read the book when, its hilarious to read those known names. And the cherry on top is the Foreword written by none other then Albus Dumbledore himself. Even the little reviews and praises for the book at the very start are laugh out loud stuff when you read those names, the best being the one from Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet, had me in splits, if you have read the earlier books you would precisely know what I mean. This book is a superb example of – How thoughtful and creative one can get. Hats off to Madam Rowling for superb thinking and crediting the book to someone else making more sense to the series its dedicated to.

This is one game I guess invented by J K Rowling as part of her book series to be played by the students of Hogwarts (The School of Magic) and world over magicians. If you have read the book you already know a lot about the game but if you have only seen the movies – it is hardly shown in a part of two that too for a very brief duration not at all satisfying the audience (specially the readers). Now this book does the full justice to the game in great details (Hilarious to the core) I must say and its references world over (the magical world of-course) is too good. It actually makes one believe the existence of the same too, specially the facts, figures, records, incidences and all recorded in the book, the wildest imagination of the Author, simply unbelievable. How the game got incepted, started and came in limelight in due course of time is simply superb description. That too when they are able to hide it from the eyes of muggle world (us the normal people), they even have Quidditch World Cups (every four years) and at times one game could last as lont as six months too in case there is no clear winner – just imagine. People getting killed, injured, even falling in love and proposing marriages by the time a game ends (it could be hours, days, weeks or even months – you see). Hilarious and beautiful I must say.

Quidditch in Asia or India is not a grand success because we Asians believe more in Flying Carpets then the Broomsticks – LOL. I am glad that we still show up in the book at least ;). 

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