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Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers – J R R Tolkien (Book)

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Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers – J R R Tolkien
As I mentioned in my first LOTR book review that it wasn’t that great as per my expectations (I have recently finished the Harry Potter books) and I just couldn’t love it the way I thought I am going to. But the second book of the series I must say changes my opinion about the series for sure – Boy – was it good? It was simply Superb and Mind-blowing stuff I will say. Again Unputdownable book for sure and it ends at such a point that I actually wanted to pick up the third of the series before even writing this review on it, just imagine. It was clearly mentioned in the introduction in the first book itself that this series was never written with an intention of three books – rather one and that I felt too with the way story goes forward. Almost till the half point or a little more then that there is no mention of Frodo the Hobbit who carries the Ring to its destination. I was little surprised by finding no mention of the hero but had no issues as the story was moving with a thrilling pace with his best friends Merry and Pip in lead. Heart breaking was the moment when they lose Gandalf The Grey in first book – I kept praying that he must make an entry in this one – somehow I wanted him to come alive with bated breath I was kept waiting 🙂 you’ve got to read the book to know if he comes back and if you have already read – I am sure you must be smiling ear to ear just like me :).
The Fellowship of the Ring breaks at the end of the first part when they lose two of its very important members in two awesome chase and killing / chilling sequences. But the story has to go forward and Frodo as the chosen one – the Ring bearer goes forward with his best friend Samwise Gamgee (one of my favorite now from the series). This part covers his as well as his friends from the fellowship’s journey to the tough times. Introduction of some new superbly awesome characters like Treebeard and Oliphaunts with great details on Orcs, the Dark Lord, the Two Towers, and so many other important characters that its totally hooking but still at ease to keep up with the story going forward. The way Tolkien has visualized the whole thing is simply outstanding – his imagination, explanation and detailing is simply amazing, it was like so much keeps running in the back of your mind as you keep going deeper with the story, it keeps getting interesting. I guess after this terrific second outing there is no looking back for the reader – it is indeed poised for a superb grand finale. I can predict a war of the worlds between the two sides and am unable keep the third book away from myself. Wish I could finish it over the X Mass weekend and watch the three terrific movies back to back after I am done reading the third book.
J R R Tolkien has truly changed my opinion about the series with this second book and I am sure that I will be hooked to the series once I am done with the third part. Do let me know how and what you felt if you have read it but if not – its high time that you got em and read em back to back. You have no idea what you are missing.

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