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The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown (Book)

101/100 of #100bookpact

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

This book and the review is dedicated to my very close friend Deepak 🙂 for pushing me do more then just a 100 this year as this will be the last for the year and what I have now picked up will end only in 2017.

My last book from the pen of Dan Brown and I must say – this should be his one of the best works (I am undecided between “Angels and Demons” and this one) so far and for now I am done with all his books. Of-course looking forward to his next book whenever that comes. Unfortunately as far as Robert Langdon is concerned – his central character of the series – he is now getting type-casted. All the books are almost similar in concept with him running behind some sort of a mystery, with one female lead and some knowledgeable people for his help and one of them will definitely turn out to be a traitor before it all ends. But even then they are all engrossing, thrilling, almost equal to an edge of a seat thrillers with superb easy going narrative which keeps the reader hooked to the most part. Robert Langdon fortunately is one character that I just simply cant not like rather I love him very much especially when it is played on-screen by one of my all time favorite actors – Tom Hanks. This one too is no different with one of the most powerful secret to be revealed, one that the Church doesn’t want to come out, a priory (Ancient Brotherhood) guarding the secret waiting for the right time to come before they open it up to the world. What is the secret and how it effects the church, the world and who all the people with it, for it and against it – is the entire novel.

The way Dan Brown narrates the story – he makes it too hard for the readers to even hate the villain. Like in this one – the main villain who is doing everything negative under the orders of his supreme boss “The Teacher” – I just couldn’t hate the Albino – Silas, I rather had my sympathy with him and I wanted him to live. All his books are a great lesson in the history and architecture mostly Paris, Italy, Florence, a little Venice here and a little London there too. I like the way he enrolls the Church in all his stories – although its authenticity is subjective but if you take it as a work of fiction (which it is) it all works in the favor of the book and the Author. So far, I have no complaints with Mr. Dan Brown and I will definitely remain his fan and follower as long as he keeps writing. This one I will recommend very highly as one of his best works and a breeze to read – not to be missed by thriller lovers with special interest in History.

Movie Adaptation: Saw the movie today too and let me say this – this is one of those very few well made movies which covers the book almost in totality. They did twist it a little here and there but mostly able to satisfy me. What I totally loved about this movie with the book is the Immaculate casting – Superb! Each character looks like handpicked and a perfect fit. 

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