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Lord of The Rings – The Return of The King – J R R Tolkien (Book)

Lord of The Rings – The Return of The King – J R R Tolkien
There are a very few books and book series written, read and loved in such a way that once you are about to end them – you actually feel that they should never end. This is the second most loved book series for me that I have read in last one year – the first will always be the Harry Potter books. When I started the first book, around midways I was feeling not so good, but once I finished the first one and picked up the second one – the pace / story / twist n turns go such a way that it was just impossible to let go of it. And as I was reaching the final ending in this one – although felt been there done that thing still the way it all culminates – its simply superb and outstanding to say the least. I so much wanted it all to go further forward and give us a little more glimpse in the life of so many totally lovable characters, but as all good things come to an end – this has to and it did. Again I am sure you will agree if you have read them that it is indeed very tough to chose one character amongst the plethora of damn good ones to be your all time favorite. Hence I chose the following three as my all time favorites in no particular order, do let me know who was yours 🙂 Mine – definitely Gandalf The Grey (And white both), Samwise Gamgee (I loved him more then I could like Frodo the Ringbearer) and Strider / Aragorn Son of Arathorn – the King – Oh man! what an amazing character. Totally loved them all. The less I say about the Princesses the better – oh my my – I can write a whole chapter on Princess Eowyn, Beautiful Galadriel and Arwen. Phew!!
The third and the final book takes the journey forward to the upcoming inevitable war of worlds between the dark lord with his army and the forces united by the Great Gandalf The White with The Returned King. I had to race myself forward full throttle as just could accept my favorite Aragorn missing from action with Ligolas and Gimli into the paths of death for so long. Again to my surprise Tolkien indeed gives their due to the awesome character of Pippin (Frodo’s friend another cute Hobbit) the way he saves the King of Gondor and his son Faramir – Brave Mr. Pip. Finally the Dark Lord makes a solid earth shattering entry in this one. The way all the friendly countries come to the rescue is too good to be true visuals captured in such a way that it was breathtaking (I can imagine how it will be in the movie when it is so good in the book). And towards the ending the way Sam takes the story forward with the evil Gollum playing his tricks on them and Frodo almost on the verge of death and defeat – simply too good. I even loved the way story goes further ahead after the war, the final outcome and all – its too good. Never in the history of my reading books I have ever seen this kind of ending, unexpected and totally satisfying the reader. I am definitely picking up these three books once again may be after a year or so as they are simply awesome and must must read for all book lovers.
If you have read and loved them – do let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t – you have no idea what you have missed (like I did). 
High time that you got them and read them back to back.

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