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The Sins of The Father – Jeffrey Archer (Book)

The Sins of The Father – Jeffrey Archer
Book 2/7 of Clifton Chronicles
Like I said in my previous book review – this one starts as soon as Harry has landed in United States with a changed identity to save trouble for so many (and so he thought) but unfortunately lands in prison right as he enters. The very first scene with him in front of the prison warden and that discussion on British vs American writers indeed put a ear to ear broad smile on my face – Archer really knows how to keep his readers happy. What a way to take the story forward – this one becomes further more engrossing then the first part and there is no respite for the reader but to keep going forward into every characters journey forward. But I must say in the second one a lot of attention is given to The Barrington’s especially Hugo (totally loved the ending) if you have read you will agree. Its mind-blowing the way all the characters are scattered all over, with Harry serving his prison sentence in America. Emma (his wife – debatable) trying to find whether he is alive or not, his location and her struggle to reach him, Hugo the unwanted father of all paying for his crimes and his journey from riches to rags and a superb ending. Giles adventure with the Germans and serving as a POW at a camp – I loved this part the best in this particular book. Harry’s mother Maisie’s troubles still not coming to an end, the fall of the Barrington empire – there is so much happening in this book and the pace at which it all is happening is simply superb, unputdownable I will say again.
Fortunately Unfortunately I had decided this year to go slow on book reading as have a lot(s) of movies to catch up on but I tell you there are some writers like Archer – who will not let you rest at all. I have ended the second book within a weeks time of the seven book series of which I got only three with me, dreading the day I finish the third part as I am yet to get the remaining four delivered :). And try as hard as I can – just not able to put them down. Reading Steve Job’s biography parallely and haven’t gone like beyond 50 pages in last one week 😉 not that it is any less interesting but the suspense and thrill of what is going to happen to Clifton’s and Barrington’s is killing. Also, I love the way he has written these books as different versions of all the characters involved rather then a simple narrative from one persons point of view adds up more value to the series. I so much wish someone makes a TV series on this series soon and I must say it will be more successful then Game of Thrones (Although I haven’t seen a single episode only heard a lot from friends). That reminds me – may be I will pick them up as my next series read. Also, although this is a series of books but it damn well works like an individual book too as Archer has so smartly written them and I totally love the way he refreshes the reading in his own easy way the happenings in the first book and merges it with this one to take the story forward, very subtle indeed. And an ending leaving you hanging in a see-saw.
If you haven’t read the Clifton Chronicles – I will say – high time that you picked them up and read them back to back.
A series of thrilling books to be read by all and now I move on with the third book after posting this one on-line. (See you in next 72 hrs)

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