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Be Careful What You Wish For – Jeffrey Archer (Book)

Be Careful What You Wish For – Jeffrey Archer
4/7 of The Clifton Chronicles.
WOW!! Is the one word that comes to my mind right from the very start of the fourth book of the series – I was feeling a little let down by the third but by God – fourth one picks up the pace again kept me hooked throughout its narrative. All the wrong people that I hate in this series (read I love to see them back again) make an entry, Lady Virginia my favorite and that Major Fisher is one heck of a guy, if Martinez was any less with his histrionics we have quite a few more to keep the reader in hooks. But there is only one Hero of this one and I guess for the rest of the series thats the next heir of Barringtons and Cliftons – Sebastian Clifton – what a rocking character – totally in love with him and his story. Loved his Japanese connection and his little in and outs of infatuations – hilarious stuff. Story has progressed further in this one with the third generation of the great family taking it ahead and definitely there is no looking back anymore. Also this became the first time in my life ever that I missed having a real sister – reading the account of Sebastian and his love for his sister Jessica – totally out of this world, adorable creatures both of them. I am touched, shocked, surprised and what not by the way story progresses for The Clifton’s, wish I could change the fate (for them). And hope their never ending troubles will come to an end sooner.
This one is so far the best book of the series I must say that I wasn’t able to put down (unless I had to work, eat, sleep and do a little other compulsory stuff), fortunately got an unplanned break today and just finished it. The further building up of the Barrington Empire, making of the dream vessel and successful launch (more on that later), working of the company, people loyal to the owners, their stories and so much more is covered in such a racy way in this one that it was very hard to judge who amongst them got the most attention. As the story happens to be around the mid 60’s – it was quite hilarious to read about an “African Terrorist – Nelson Mandela” getting arrested, also some mention of Russian’s not willing to pay their bills and Indians not able to – you see we were still poor back then and I found it heartening to read the negative reference in my one of the favorite authors book. And another cliff hanger ending from Sir Archer 🙂 as he will make me race to the fifth book now and shockingly the seventh and the ultimate book hasn’t got delivered yet.

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