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Best Kept Secret – Jeffrey Archer (Book)

Best Kept Secret – Jeffrey Archer
Book 3/7 of Clifton Chronicles
The third book of the series in last 10 days that I have (had to) pick has put me a little at ease with the characters and story going forward. With the dispute settled of who will head the Barrington Empire and what the other party get in turn (being all family members only – one way or the other) makes it a little easy to read, finally they and we both get to see some good days ahead (and so I thought). Also, with this book I realized that even Archer has a very good sense of humor – the way he points out the difference between American and British in literary sense – you just cant not find it hilarious only but true too. This is the first time that I have actually witnessed the importance of the game of cricket in any book so far I have read, of-course with a British background but I like it. Harry finally settled as a writer with some success to his credit the attention moves to the Clifton’s third generation and as expected – Like Father Like Son – the adventures of Sebastian start with full throttle. Lady Virginia is another character to watch out for in this one and I sincerely hope she makes a re-entry some time soon 😉 to mess her way around a little more. Also the way this one ends in a cliffhanger situation 😉 the Accident and all – by god – I actually will have to rush and pick up the next part to confirm that it isn’t what I think it is.
Although this book – third in the series isn’t a patch on its first part but does very well takes the story forward and am still hooked to see some more adventures of Jr Clifton now. So far so good – working for me.

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