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Cometh The Hour – Jeffrey Archer (Book)

Cometh The Hour – Jeffrey Archer
6/7 of The Clifton Chronicles.
If I have a right to fall in love with more then one writer in my life time – I will use it now. Sir Jeffrey Archer as I love to call him now is simply unstoppable, so is Harry Clifton and his fictitious character Inspector Warwick solving mysterious cases, his Wife Emma heading the Barrington shipping, his brother in law Sir Giles hanging in and out of power at house of commons and house of lords, his Son Sebastian Clifton getting in and out of troubles (read love), Lady Virginia getting in and out of tatters (read giving more troubles to more people) and if this wasn’t enough we have damn good cricketing connection and even if that wasn’t enough of enough – now we have an Indian connection too that Sebastian had to travel to India in search of his love (another love affair – hope its the final one now). Hilarious take on life in 70’s so much so that it makes it up for a racy read to finish with no looking here and there in between. Try(ied) as harder as I could – just couldn’t keep it down even after knowing that I do not have the final book in place now – I even tried to read a book parallel to break my own pace and speed – just couldn’t do it – if you know what I mean, Phew!! and I wanted to type it all in one breath and sentence – grammar my foot! Also, I believe in our next quarterly official meeting I hope I do not do a “hear hear” when my boss proposes something and I like it :). But I do add when I help anyone with an address looking for direction that “you cant miss it” 🙂 – if you know what I mean.
Although the Indian connection is nothing great to talk about but I guess it has always been like that and even today all they could talk about is slums, bad infrastructure, no law n order, traffic jams, cows eating on the center f the road – its heart breaking but I guess we have to live with the facts – it is still happening in our part of the world. On lighter side there is this Mr. Sharma briefly involved with the story and then there is this Mr. Rohit Singh too – ROFL stuff. But the best part of this second last book of the series is the court case against Hakim Bishara – too good a fight and fantastic ending. Finally I see a silver lining in every characters life as it all is coming to an end now, gotta going to have a jolly good ending I guess. One more thing which kept making me smile throughout the series is the subtle mention of great historical figures, like Giles Barrington coming across some lady known as Margaret Thatcher while contesting for a seat from Bristol Docklands. An Indian lady Prime Minister, a first for a lot of countries and Britain meeting its arch rivals India in a tough game of cricket and so many other instances.
Finally!! Moving to the last one with heavy heart – another damn good series getting done and dusted.

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