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Mightier Than The Sword – Jeffrey Archer (Book)

Mightier Than The Sword – Jeffrey Archer
5/7 of The Clifton Chronicles.
Fifth book of the series and I still haven’t got enough of the loved characters – imagine the story has covered their lives for around 38 odd years already but still the trio of Harry Clifton, his wife Emma and her brother Giless Barrington are going stronger with superb support from the younger generation who themselves have so many of their unresolved issues. It is indeed commendable of Jeffrey Archer to write the whole series and not lose any of its steam anywhere as he is such a wonderful story teller that it is very hard for me to imagine how he keeps our interest not only alive but we also look forward to whats coming up next. And never and I mean NEVER it goes down for one moment of readers expectations. Even in this one – the young Sebastian Clifton is definitely the hero with his career hitting off well and with some superb rivalries – I can imagine the tussles he is going to go through in very near future, his personal life, family, burden on his young shoulders – there is so much to look forward too. Even for his dad Harry – this one has some real good interesting moments with his campaign going strong for the Russian writer he sets off to get freed – even his own fictional character (in his books) has grown by leaps and bounds :).
The way Sebastian Clifton’s story and life goes forward, you just cant not say ‘like father like son” the way he takes care of his daughter and her mother who he could never marry because of one silly mistake even without their knowledge is commendable. Troubles still haven’t come to an end neither for Clifton’s nor for Barringtons, the race of takeover is still on for Barrington Shipping as well as for Seb’s professional front – totally hooking journey’s hope, wish and pray that they end in the end which isn’t that far now :). I love the way Lady Virginia keeps bouncing back with her confidante Mr. Fisher – unbelievable guts these guys have got to never give up. But the fate has (had) something else for them – if you know what I mean only if you have read the book (insert a smiley). Wonderful ending yet again to keep the reader in a cliff hanger by Sir Archer – I loved the book inside the book by Harry Clifton – pace of this one again is amazing and tried as harder as I could – just couldn’t resist to pick the second last of the series with at least 4-5 days before I get the ultimate one delivered.

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