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Perfect Match – Jodi Picoult (Book)

Perfect Match – Jodi Picoult.

Third book from Jodi Picoult and I must say as the name suggests – it was indeed a perfect book and the best of three that I have so far read (and of course last from my collection). Terrific story, too good narrative, superb lovable characters, engrossing, unputdownable and a working ending (subjective). It worked for me big time and I loved the twists and turns as wasn’t expecting that many in her book though. And the ending actually shocked me, I was happy the way it ended and I am sure most of you who have read it will agree with me that she didn’t go overboard in this one to give a different ending which didn’t work for me in her earlier books. After reading three books back to back – I do realize that she has a way with words as well as a knack to pick up some real interesting subjects and wove around a convincing story to put her point forward and it has to be always a court drama in the front :). Guess she always wanted to be a lawyer by default but may be was destined to become an Author and a good one at that.

Surprisingly she has written all these books in one heck of a tricky way that if you write more than a line about the book – you feel like you are actually giving away the whole plot. As it happens in this one too – protagonist is a Public Prosecutor and someone hurts her five year old son in such a way that she is convinced that there was no way she could have gone the legal system way about it. She has to take the law in her own hands to avenge, what and how she does it and the following twists and turns when she realizes what she has done wrong, what she is actually going to get by the time it all ends and what is she going to lose – is a little too much then either she expected or we as readers foresee, if you know what I mean :). Confused? Yes, I too was as it progresses – it is actually too good a read as she reveals everything with perfect timing. One just cant not fall in love with the characters. Nina as the mother and Public Prosecutor, all she has done her life is to send the deserving people to serve in prisons. Her caring and lovable husband Caleb who is a contractor or their cute son Nathaniel around whom the story is revolving around or the police detective Patrick (who I loved more than her husband:)) is their childhood friend whose still in love with Nina. Jodi has to have a love triangle in most of her books I believe as this is second time in a row in her books for me but I am not complaining.

And I can’t even talk about the title of the book 🙂 as that’s what you’ve got to read the book for as disclosing that will be a spoiler of sorts. I wasn’t expecting a kind of thriller it turns out to be and it was fantastic as she discloses everything in very first page and you actually have to race hard to get the point where the “why’s” are answered. Too good. I am going to read her other couple of works shortly after a break as have got quite a few more commendations left :). If you haven’t read this – I will recommend it big time and if you have – do let me know how you like it and if there is a better book than this that she has written – I would love to read that too.

This is a first that I actually noticed some mistakes (may be printing) in the end and found the dates to be wrongly mentioned plus it all was happening around October 2001 and no mention of nine eleven? that was a little indigestible even in work of fiction I was expecting some mention or relative effect. 

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