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Vanishing Acts – Jodi Picoult (Book)

Vanishing Acts – Jodi Picoult.
This is my second Jodi Picoult book that gave me a sort of underwhelming feeling after what I have heard from people on her. The first one was superb – I totally loved it barring of-course the ending like I said in my review earlier which left me shocked and totally unhappy with the way things turned out (in the ending). Now this one has a perfect thrilling start, with so much to look forward to, unfortunately becomes a huge drag mid ways and goes almost nowhere but the saving grace is perfect ending. Not at all predictable, kept me hooked to most part barring the mid 100 odd pages I guess which were totally not required. The book could have been shorter and precise talking about the kidnapped girls dilemma, confusion on finding the lost past of three decades, love triangle and the final outcome. But as the fate had it – Author takes a dive (unnecessary) in the life of a Vodoo neighbor and very unfortunate accounts of blacks in Phoenix jail which not at all helps in taking the story forward. Although no doubt – this is one of those very few books that I have read on father daughter relationship, it was too good to see their chemistry. Being a father of a daughter I could imagine what her dad must have gone through in past to do what he does in the story.
The very first chapter after a lacklustre start blew my mind off the way it ended as I missed the very punchline on top of the book saying “Your Father is arrested for kidnapping. You were the child he stole. What would you do?”. And I realized what’s in store for me in it. As I usually do not read the front as well as back of a book ever especially the ones I consider reading. Delia was kidnapped by her own father when she was four years old, she lives her entire life being told that her mother died in an accident. But the things take a terrific turn when she is told the truth, as she goes in search of her past and dead mother with her own young kid and fiance’ who happens to be a lawyer in New Hampshire, leaves a job of “Search and Rescue” to know the truth and get her father released from a Phoenix prison where he has to serve time till the court decides if he was innocent. On top of all this – we have a perfect love triangle with Delia, her to be married husband Eric (the lawyer) and Fitz the ever available friend who works for a New Hampshire daily, always at her rescue. And she has a superb Dog too and a loving dad. Imagine with all that right in the initial 50 odd pages – I was looking forward to a terrific book but as I said, somehow it becomes a drag with her Dad’s jail account and her neighbours story and local customs of Arizona thrown in good measure which takes or help the story in no ways. Fortunately it had a great ending and a damn good courtroom drama (although not too long but good it was).
I have one more book from Jodi Picoult to go before I decide whether I should continue reading her books or not 🙂 as this one has left me with a dilemma. I would really love to know if you have read this one, did it work for you? And if you have read any or all of her works – do tell me – which one as per you is her best work, I would love to pick that up and see if that works for me.

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