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On Writing – Stephen King (Book)

On Writing – Stephen King.

Can I call him one of my all time favorite writer even if I have read only two of his books? Now make it three including this one. Stephen King is no doubt a terrific terrific writer (It needs two terrifics for me to make it clear) and I am ashamed to say that I have so far gathered that many guts only to be able to read two of his acclaimed works so far (The Green Mile and The Shining). Former is just an amazing story (Kill yourself if you haven’t read it) and the latter is one heck of a book which gave a week of sleepless nights, had to call security to save me from the happenings as things started misbehaving with me like elevators, cordless phones, lights, mirrors and what not. Also, I refused to go to basement parking and had to take a cab to office during that week. Now, that is what Mr. King is capable of doing and when he writes a book “On Writing”, you better read it as it actually not only gives you some serious tips as what to do and what not to do if you plan to become a writer but also gives you damn good insights on what went around when he was writing some of your own favorite books and stories from him. Guy has a superb sense of humor and the way he has opened up in the course of this book is totally unbelievable. I thought it will be too business like and preachy but it isn’t one bit like that. Rather it actually is his own little biography of sorts with so much personal stuff thrown in that I couldn’t believe how he has opened up with his fans. The most important point that he makes very clear to become a good writer is to be first a voracious reader 🙂 So you see we are going in the right direction as per Mr. King.

I read this as I had to prepare myself to write a short story for my daughter. She’s behind me for quite a while now to tell her a big about my own childhood in the form of a story. Hence I read this one to prepare myself but unfortunately the kick that his book and words have given me, I feel like I can actually write a book of sorts too :D. Not exaggerating, if you have read this, I am sure you will agree the magic his words have on the audience is simply superb. Being an Author is no easy thing for sure but he makes it look so simple as if its a walk in the park. Not only that but his words and praises are so encouraging even the pointers that he has given, made me wonder why I couldn’t think like that earlier (of-course he is the master of the craft). On top of that how he started his own journey, his struggle, no success to little success and finally the making of the “Stephen King” is totally a terrific story. Also, I was expecting he will definitely talk about other writers (his counterparts) as well as Classics too and the way he talks, comments, shoots them as well praises them is simply awesome. I loved the way he is in Awe with John Grisham, that was super good. Also, another thing that I totally loved about him was the way he admires JK Rowling and Harry Potter series that was totally a “Yayy Yayy” moment for me as I didn’t expect it at all but you’ve got to read his reference list that is precious.

Stephen King’s personal touch makes this book a very good read. Although hardly 200 pages but is totally enlightening on the subject. I would love to know the thoughts of Author’s what they feel about the book if they have read it. And for those who are dreaming to become writers some day, this one is a must must read as its an institute of sorts teaching you how to become a good writer. Another thing I am certainly going to try after reading this book is my own hand on a short story and King himself has mentioned in the book that “If you end up writing a story or a book yourself, do send it to me (and his web address)”. Now that is something which is pretty motivating isn’t it? Do tell me if you have read this, how you like it and if you haven’t, you know what to do :). Go ahead grab it as it tells you so much about the man he is and consider the rest as bonus of sorts.

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