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Where There’s a Will – Piorre Hart (Book)

Where There’s a Will – Piorre Hart.

Thanks to SRRs (A group on Facebook) I came across this book and the Author. SRRs are surprisingly credited even by the Author too in the book, thats terrific. Again I heard of this book from Pune Litfest which I somehow missed even after being in town :(. Hence no Author signed copy this time around. Finally got my copy and got an opportunity to read it yesterday. I started it in the afternoon and by the time it was my office time, I was done with 40 odd pages and was in no condition to stop and go out. Right then got a call from my HR informing me that there was some issue in office and I will be required to work from home 🙂 Can you believe that? And as predicted it was over before I could call off my shift from home at 3.30 AM, such was the pace and the story that I just couldn’t let it stretch any longer. Another good thing was that a day or two prior to reading this I had finished “Feluda (Part 1)” by legendary “Satyajit Ray” as that book too contained some dozen odd detective stories, I must say this felt like a continuation of sorts. As all Ray books and stories have, this too had a heart and books with a heart never fail to amaze me as its story although fiction is so convincing that I actually felt as if I knew quite a few characters in their co-incidentally one of the lead characters was my namesake 🙂 that even added the fun element for me and gave me a grin from ear to ear throughout.

I have read quit a few Doyle, Christie and Ray stories in the recent past but have never come across a lady detective that too in lead, this was a first for me. But Pranita the detective seriously won my heart that too big time as she is not only gorgeous but damn intelligent too. Even as a Billionaire Businessman’s murder mystery is thrown her way by her new boss that too in her very first day of the new job, she takes it in her stride and how she solves the case is the story. As I said this story has a heart that too at the right places. Pranita is no hardcore detective who is all serious and has no emotions. She has her own background and story to tell which develops parallely and is totally amazing. I loved the way Author has developed the characters in the story, may it be over busy father always on trips (there is a reason behind it), or a little sister to be taken care who is about to fly out of her reach sooner, or even the maid who had been filling in for the mother they lost not so long ago. It all falls in the right places in the initial couple of pages and the chase begins to not only find the murderer, but to know the reason behind it and as the title suggests, a lot of “Will’s” get tested in the due course. The clues and the decoding are the best part, the way one after another they are revealed and decoded was simply mind-blowing, it kept me in hooks, tried as hard as I could I suspected the wrong person. Even after a handful of suspects right from the very start, my loyalty or shall I say my doubt kept shifting from one to another (prayed my namesake shouldn’t be the culprit) the question is not only “Who” but “How” too. And to know how she unravels it, you’ve got to read the book which is as per me too short but very sweet.

Another thing that I loved about the book is that Author has packed in so much in such a short book that I just couldn’t believe it. Also, it is written in such a smart way that a chapter ends every 5-6 pages and the reader is simply hooked to read just one more before taking a break but let me warn you – the break never comes. And before even you could guess the right person who did it all, she unravels it all in superb style. The love angle, thrill, suspense as well as action is so superbly and subtly done that it never goes overboard. I hope and pray that she does writes a sequel as I would love to see Agent Pranita going places to uncover more mysteries.

If you have read this, do let me know how you like it and if you haven’t, you’ve got to read it ASAP. Also, specially for the people who know me a bit better, this guy in the story my namesake isn’t he too much like me in real 🙂 barring of-course he is filthy rich ;). Terrific. 

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